We Don't Rule the Yard - We Build Your Character

We Don't Rule the Yard - We Build Your Character
Training with Erik is not about controlling the playground, it's about controlling your destiny. By training hard, being open to learn new things, and overcoming challenges you will build character. Dogs rule the yard, we rule our lives.

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Victor Submission Fighting Academy
Ground Fighting Instruction
VSFA MMA Training
Excellent Kickboxing Bags
Get Those Hooks In
Intense Focus
Erik Keeping a Close Eye
1-on-1 Training
Mild to Wild - This is Wild
Proper Striking Technique
Grappling Technique
Punch Punch Punch!
Plenty of Clean Equipment
Full Guard Technique
How to Defend a Sneak Attack
A Little Ground and Pound Practice
Erik Victor - Trainer, Fighter, Mentor
Our Logo
Eyes Open, Hands Up, Chin Tucked In
Serious Head Movement
Opening for a Quick Jab
A Little Sparring Action
A Little Boxing Practice
A Little Ground Work
Top or Bottom, You Gotta Work
Dynamite - Ready to Explode
Erik Getting Interviewed by KTVZ
Flexibility is Crucial
Grappling Practice - Stay Busy!
Erik Victor - The Fighter
MMA Demonstration for KTVZ
Passing Down the Jiu Jitsu Knowledge
I've Fallen and Erik Won't Let Me Up
VSFA Students Get 1-on-1 Attention
Stocky versus Slender
Someone's Always on the Mat
The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Train
Classes Are Filling Up - Get in Here
Single Leg Takedown About to Get a Kimura
We Don't Rule the Yard - We Build Your Character
JT Taylor versus Erik Victor - Who will run the yard on Sept 9th?
Chris Brennan MMA Seminar in Bend, OR - May 20th and 21st

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