ERIK VICTOR BIO - Mixed Martial Arts Trainer, Fighter, Mentor

Erik was born and raised in Orange County, California. Active as a kid he participated in many sports including basketball, baseball, and lacrosse. In high school he focused on basketball, lettering his junior year.

During his senior year in high school, Erik met Chris Brennan who quickly changed his life.

One day, walking past a garage he saw wrestling mats and posters of fighters. He was intrigued so he introduced himself to Chris who happened to be the fifth ranked fighter in the world in the lightweight division. Chris began training Erik for free and took him under his wing.

Erik was quickly absorbed into the world of mixed martial arts (MMA) and began traveling with Chris to his fights and classes. Chris opened the Next Generation Fighting Academy in 1999. Erik fought for Chris and represented his academy three times.

Together Erik and Chris produced many fighters including Mike Guymon.

Mike and Erik developed a close friendship over the years, and when Chris moved to Texas Erik began training with Mike full time. Mike is a current UFC competitor and was a King of the Cage Champion in the welterweight division. Tapout saw his potential many years ago and quickly signed him to be apart of the "crew." He also runs a successful academy with L.A. Boxing in Orange County, California.

"I am proud to say that I am affiliated with Chris Brennan who is a UFC, Pride, Bushido, Abu Dabi, and King of the Cage champion. I was given a brown belt by Chris in 2007. Along with that I am also proud of my affiliation with Mike Guymon. I would also like to thank Tapout who has always given me the best MMA gear available."  - Erik Victor
In 2008 Erik moved to Bend, Oregon and opened Victor Submission Fighting Academy (VSFA).

VSFA focuses on ground fighting, wrestling and striking. The facility is just under 2000 square feet with over 900 square feet of mat space. They also offer a kickboxing facility with eight stations. There is training from mild to wild.

Aaron wolf who is a former state champion wrestler coaches the wrestling.

Wade Robits a boxing and kickboxing expert helps coach striking once or twice a week.
"I would love to have everyone in the area come check the facility out. We offer the cleanest and most up to date martial arts facility in bend. Classes are five nights a week starting at 5:30. Saturday we have a open mat class starting at 12:30. Please stop by or give us a call at 541.974.8116"  - Erik Victor

Closed Sundays. We also offer private and semi-private lessons and seminars.

Erik Victor will be fighting JT Taylor of Desert Dogs MMA and Fitness on Sept 9th at the Brawl in the Barn.



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